The New N35 Three-in-one iPhone Wireless Charger (10W) For Apple Headset AirPods Watch Wireless Charging Bracket (Black)

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  • This is 3 in 1 new version that is upgraded and works as a station for Apple Watch, with a stand for air pods, a holder for iPhone.
  • This New N35 Three-in-one iPhone Wireless Charger For Apple Headset AirPods Watch Wireless Charging Bracket (Black) helps to charge your watch, ear pods and also phone at the same time. It helps to plug right in and can charge everything in no time.
  • It helps to charge all the devices at the same time.
  • It is perfectly designed for the Apple watch and for the iPhone users.
  • If someone hate cords and wants to keep their life easy and mess free so here is the best choice for them to select for their phones.
  • It has comforting charging station to select and helps to give quick access to all the devices you want to charge.
  • Power Source: USB
  • Input Power: 9V/2A
  • Output Power: 10W


  • It is perfectly designed to save user’s time and space as well.
  • It has a sleek and compact design that combines well with a frame that helps the charger to work efficiently as it designs look.
  • There is a USB-C cable that is added to power the fast charging induction pad and also with the Airpods Charging Case dock. Its design helps it to be an attractive addition to any space.
  • USB port is also fixed that provide @ 10 W, just in case you want to charge an external battery or sports camera!
  • It is certified and designed perfectly for all the products associated with Apple. It contains advanced safety features.


  • It is perfectly compatible with Apple Watch Series 4/3/ 2/ 1/ Nike+ / Sport / Edition, Apple Air pods, iPhone XR/XS/8/ 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone7 / 7 Plus, iPhone 6 / 6s Plus, etc.

Charging station:

  • The wireless charging station is considered as the game changer. It is very easy for the users to set up, it gives easy instructions that helps to understand and for that you are not forced to keep three separate chargers.
  • This charging station helps to change the look of your room and the things will be in an organized manner and it will be less cluttered with more space.


54 reviews for The New N35 Three-in-one iPhone Wireless Charger (10W) For Apple Headset AirPods Watch Wireless Charging Bracket (Black)

  1. Melanie Mitchell

    This is really easy and comes apart easy too. It’s good to take traveling with you so you can keep all your smart devices together. It charges good too. I really like having all my devices together in one spot.

  2. Ash

    I was tired of charging my apple headphones, phone and watch with three separate cables and trying to keep a track of cables with charging ports. I was looking for something that will charge all my devices at the same time and I don’t have to look for the devices everywhere. I am happy with my purchase.

  3. Fancysauce

    Super convenient for all my apple things from iPhone, Iwatch, air pods and my pen! Very nice material and come with easy to understand instructions

  4. abigailescalante

    Bought this because I was getting tired of tripping over wires all the time. So convenient for people with multiple devices so they can charge all at once without clutter. It was pretty easy to assemble it and also to take it back down again not to mention how classy, clean and professional it looks. Honestly would make a perfect gift as well.

  5. J. Shirley

    I charge my watch, phone and ear pods on this! It plugs right in and can get set up very quickly too. I like that i can just not worry about all the cords.

  6. BT

    Loved how sleek and smooth the charging station was and it didn’t take up a lot of space. The phone charger says that it’s fast charging, but I’m not sure if it is as it doesn’t say on the iPhone and when placing a Samsung on it, it’s normal charging. In addition, if you have a case on your airpods, it will have difficulty charging through the case so it’s better to be naked sadly. Lastly, the apple watch charger I had broke and I bought a different branded charger that didn’t fit into the pre-sized watch station. I think what would have made this better is if they cut the watch charger so that it can be flexible to fit different sized chargers. Otherwise, it’s a pretty decent charger and I’ll be using this even with minor problems.

  7. Tom

    Item was very easy to use and occupy less space for all all charging cords. Charging little bit slow but for me its ok as long your not in hurry of charging

  8. J. McCormick

    This is the charger that I’ve been looking for. It’s perfect for the Apple Watch and iPhone users.
    It quickly charges both devices and has a place for the ipen and ear buds to charge also.

  9. Ckahraman

    This is a useful product helped me to organize my charging needs. Just make sure that this product doesn’t have the Apple Watch charger, you need to install yours in the charging deck. Also don’t forget to use at least 5V/2A charger which one i use to charge my ipad. If you use regular phone charger wall adapter, power would be insufficient.

  10. Davidson Chia

    Great product. Consolidates all the unorganized cords I use on a daily basis down to 2, which is key for my organization. The placement of the charging stand works great, in terms of the placement of the airpod, apple watch, and phone holder areas. A HUGE win for me is the ability to charge my phone while in the charging case, which in this case works perfectly. I would highly recommend for any Apple user that owns all three products to trim down charging accessories.
    apple 3 in 1 charging dock
    apple 3 in 1 charger

  11. DCBAaron

    Great option if you have an Apple watch, 1st Gen airports, and wireless charging compatible smartphone.
    Works well to keep them all charged bedside and likely will continue until upgraded to the new wireless charging airpods

  12. Lilia Lilia

    Very good quality . Perfect fit for my iPhone X , AirPods and Apple Watch . A big benefit that I can charge my iPhone in case , so you don’t need to take off a case. Looks good in my interior. It’s cone on a box , good packaging .

  13. Joseph Todaro

    Great stand!!! Built in wireless charger for phone and plug for ear buds case. Watch uses wireless charger from the watch itself but mounts in. All in all a solid charging station. Cant speak for the stylus since we dont own one but seems to have correct dimensions to holster it. Will be purchasing another!

  14. Ani S

    Before this, I had 3 separate chargers for my three devices. This product looks clean, quick chargers all 3 of my devices. It is an amazing value and looks amazing on my desk. I hate the mess wires leave and this solves the job, takes up a small space and looks great. Only thing I didn’t like is that it’s not actually a wireless charger for the Apple watch, you have to put the charger that apple gives you on it, and you need a power cube that accepts USB C. But other than that it was great, will buy one more also!

  15. Coleton Dawson

    Big fan of the 3 in 1 chargers since they are so convenient to charge everything at once. That being said, this style is not that portable since it has a angled phone stand. However, if you’re just using it on your desk and not moving it, it’s a solid unit since it works for watch, phone and headphones all in one without the need for new cords.

  16. AFI

    Great addition to my desk at work, I used a different charging station for my phone in the past and this specific product is finer and more polished. In addition to charging iphone, it also includes charging device for iwatch, air-pods and apple pen. It securely holds iwatch and allows to display time in bedside mode. This product is a well thought out design with an outstanding look and feel. One can not go wrong buying this product.

  17. Jennifer Pfister

    I love this item! It helps keep all my items in one spot to charge! No extra cords hanging around.

  18. Justin Wilson

    The dock works well for wireless charging, just needed only phone and watch. Unfortunately doesn’t come with watch charging portion. It looks like you loop and loom it and insert into a hole to charge watch wirelessly.
    Stores a pen if you have a drawing fancy as well! Nice product!

  19. Mrs_JM

    it has a sleek design and pretty straightforward to use. it’s nice to have all these gadgets in 1 place (and the phone charging at that). it charges well, wish it could be a little faster but it does the work. all in all, it’s good value for the money considering how expensive other chargers are

  20. Manish Mittal

    Have an apple watch & iphone Xr & Im pleased with the fact that I can charge both of them together with this charger. You can also view the things on your phone while charging, thanks to the incline position. I felt charging is not super quick but nevertheless it fits my needs. Please note that you need to attach your apple watch charger on this stand which I found a little annoying as the excess chord length hangs at the charger stand not giving a neat look.
    Overall satisfied with the purchase.

  21. R. Sanchez

    My daughter seem to be having the hardest time with charging cords and her phone she recently received the Apple pen as a gift for graduation I bought her this hoping that it would help her charging issues with her phone and it did it charges her EarPods it charges her phone and her Apple pen all at the same time It charges them fast and easy I love that she doesn’t have to plug something in to a port and the chance that it can snap or break. It works great and is super easy to use I would definitely recommend for someone to buy

  22. Vikash Kumar

    This is a really beautiful charging station, if you are an apple person and have 25 bucks to spare, this is a must have accessory. Charging speed is very good, conversion efficiency as per manual is 75% that is pretty good, this stand looks beautiful and built of quality material. This isnt made of metal so lesser risk of short circuit etc

  23. Boldbeauty31

    I like this product is charged my phone without having me needing to plug it in which provides less hassle. The only thing I don’t like is it doesn’t charge with my case on it which means I have to take it out my case every night to charge it but whatever. I still enjoy it

  24. Kate Jendusa

    Wow. This product changed how my night stand is used. No more separate chargers for everything. I can charge ear buds, watch, and phone all in one. The charge is fast and efficient without fumbling over cords and lost plugs. This is a must for anyone who owns a iPhone and Apple Watch.

  25. Mary Santos

    (Disclaimer: I don’t actually have airpods, so i wasn’t able to try that feature) The charging stand works very well. It’s quite convenient that i don’t have to search for the right cord, or any of that trouble, and just be able to set my phone down on the stand. The only problem I had with the stand is that if you have a popsocket, you have to take your phone case off before you set it down. As for the apple watch, it dosen’t actually have a charger and you have to use your own, but there is a stand for your charger and watch. 10/10 would recommend 🙂

  26. Erika

    Nice wireless charger stand that is easy to use. It is great for charging multiple items at once; especially in small spaces.

  27. Austin Haggerty

    From the picture of the product, you would assume that the Apple Pencil would charge by being placed in this unit. Unfortunately it does not. However overall, the chargers all work well. The wireless charger is quicker than others I have tried, and the airpods charge easily in their cradle. One small con is that your airpods case can be a bit difficult to remove without removing your watch from its spot first.

  28. Hn

    This charger does everything to charge for normal lifestyle living. very fast charger. Very compatible with Samsung and iPhone. worth for money. i am happy with my buy.

  29. Mrs. Daves

    Perfect space saver… keeps everything neat and organized. Easy set up… planning on buying another for my son. WELL WORTH THE money, great price point too.
    apple 3 in 1 wireless charger
    best 3 in 1 apple charging station
    3 in 1 apple charging station

  30. Mad_eye

    This is really an innovative product, specially for people like my wife who are obsessed with Apple products. The material is just ok, don’t seem too long lasting to me. A huge bummer was the fact that it does not include a watch charger, you have to use your own watch charger inside the stand.

  31. Mihir S. Doshi

    This product works okay. There isn’t any problem with the phone it even chargers the iPhone XS Max however, there is a problem with the iWatch meaning if you plug the iWatch charger as show in the image above it doesn’t charge the iWatch but ends up killing the battery. I think it might work fine with older iWatch and not the new iWatch 5 Series which is what I have. I had to plug the iWatch charger to and outlet on the wall just to get my iWatch Series 5 to fully charger which is nuts. I thought that this product would be able to charger my iWatch but it doesn’t.

  32. Uzumaki

    The only bad thing i have to say about this product is that it does not come with a fast charging cube. You can use a regular cube but it will not be use at its full charging capability. Overall , i love this product but it is just one thing i didnt like. It is nothing to major.
    3 in 1 charging dock for apple

  33. Joe Almendarez

    Great for travel or just keeping an extra in the office. Tou use your own cable for the the watch charger but nowadays they’re inexpensive. With the right dongle you get fast charging. Replaces a few gadgets and saves space. Great combo, great price.
    3 in 1 apple charger

  34. Yesdani

    The best wireless charger. It’s easy to setup. (Unboxing is easy). Easy to use. It’s working perfectly. I am able to charge my phone as well as my watch. Now I don’t have to search for my charging cables. I will definitely try with AirPods and update the review.

  35. Stephanie Clinch

    This is so handy for all three devices and no more cord annoyances. It’s so easy to place and go to bed and grab and go in the morning. Really good and pretty quick at charging.

  36. txgrl55

    This was advertised as a four in one charger according to the description. What arrived was a three in one charger. The whole reason why I purchased this was because it was made to look like it was to charge the Apple Pencil in addition to the other items. I am very disappointed that I wasted my time and money. This is going back right away.

  37. Cristy Trevino

    I can charge my phone, watch, and airpods all at once and have somewhere to put my apple pencil when it’s charging as well. I chose this one because it had somewhere to put the pencil. It’s compact and keeps my desk neat.

  38. Magda Poulos

    I like the fact that I can charge several things at the same time or some product

  39. Jennifer

    Works great for my family’s Samsung devices. Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8plus charge quickly either vertically or horizontally. I like beong able to interact with my phone due to the upright position. Very pleased and will expand this review once i get a smartwatch..

    3 in 1 wireless charger
    3 in 1 charging station
    3 in 1 apple charging station
    apple 3 in 1 wireless charger

  40. LokeeGirl

    So professional! I’ll be using it on my desk at work. It’s very stylish! So many functions! It has a fast charging induction pad with an induction distance of 2-6mm! Not only that, but it can charge at 5W, 7.5W, or even 10W! Yes, it’s a fast induction charger! There’s a spot for your stylus/extra stylus, and a perfectly shaped seat for your Airpods Charging Case with an integrated Lightning jack. Just set it in this spot and your Airpods start charging away at 3W! What’s really nice is the Apple Watch induction charger stand. It’s not only elegantly designed, but perfectly designed! The Apple Watch induction charger snaps into place and the cord has its own, perfectly molded channel down the inside of this stand. So, so nice! A USB-C cable is included to power the fast charging induction pad and the Airpods Charging Case dock. There’s also a USB powered out, providing 5V @ 1 W, just in case you want to charge an external battery or sports camera! Just a thoroughly great product from design to its finish!
    3 in 1 charger apple

  41. Thomas

    I am usually not the most organized person, so adding this to my desk was much needed! With all of my different Apple products, it can easily get messy just leaving all around my phone. Before you know it, you misplace your Airpods or your Apple Watch, which gets very annoying. Now with the charging station, not only does it keep everything in one place, it keeps everything charged! I don’t have to think twice of where I left my essential daily tech items, but now I know everything will be charged for the long day. So if want to clean things up, as well as make sure all your things are charged and ready to go, this stand works great.

  42. joeyo

    This is a great all in one charger, it charges your phone, watch and apple headphones. I leave it on my desk and when i get home i can just put all 3 on there to charge and it looks great on my desk! Its very convenient!

  43. Kerri Elliott

    No complaints! All my chargers in one place and my nightstand free of the cord clutter

  44. Jessie39

    not only does it have the capabilities of charging all my apple devices. it looks nice now on my night stand. I also like how the Apple Watch charger can plug directly into the device through the USB port attached instead of another wall plug. first of its kind that I’ve seen like this.

  45. Christopher trout

    Super convenient to charge my phone and watch at the same time. Sits right next to my bed and I can just hook them up both every night . Easy to take on the go also. Decent charging speeds

  46. Dawn

    This works very well. It eliminates all the cords which is nice. I have a fossil smart watch for android and it has no problem holding that and charging it (it’s bigger than an apple watch). I do have to take my phone case off my phone to charge it, however I was expecting that as my phone case is a thick one with glitter. I have a Galaxy Note 9 and it charges it without any issues. Very pleased with my purchase and planning on getting my boyfriend one as well!

  47. DB

    It honestly couldn’t be easier. It isn’t even plug and play for the devices. You just set them in the spot and let it go. Easy as anything. The charge rate is great, it’s fallen down a few times and still works fine, and the finish is really nice. I don’t have a bad thing to say about it.

  48. Ashley

    This charger is nice and convenient, in that everything is all in one place. My only complaint is that you must remove your phone case in order to charge it properly. I left the case on (OtterBox w/ integrated PopSocket), but it kept going in and out of charge. Fair enough. I also like the spots for the AirPods and Apple Pencil.

  49. Dave

    It’s a nice wireless 3 in 1 charger for your Apple stuff. The material looks and feels nice and folds down and if you didn’t have to mess with the Apple Watch charger snapping into place would be great for travel. That’s actually the worst part of this as the watch band gets in the way of the AirPods, and that portion just looks and feels cheap. It’s manageable on my nightstand though, and is one of the better chargers in terms of speed, safety, and appearance. A lot of other options have too many coords, or charge poorly, or have safety concerns with not stopping charging appropriately (at 100%). One of the best cheaper options out there for 3 in 1 Apple stands.

  50. JAKE

    The unit looks good in mate black matching my kitchen. But I thought that everything is gonna have wireless charging points. So for the watch you need to install the watches own wireless stations, with fits good and for headphones it’s a plug in base as well wich makes it perfect for me and I love being able to stand the phone and all gadgets in one charging place. So far all works as promised..

  51. Nish

    It’s so good. Easy to fold and attach. I can charge my mobile and watch wireless and fast. I like this product. It also has facility to charge my airpods. I can charge mobile as horizontally and vertically. So kind of mobile stand as I can charge my mobile and watch movie.

    3 in 1 charging station
    apple 3 in 1 wireless charger

  52. James Marino

    Very well built. Surprised at the quality of materials. The cord was long enough to reach dash from hidden USB socket. I used the bottom rung of my A/C vent and the device has a strong spring that held tight. I set the phone grabbers closed, so when I placed the phone in charger they auto – set to phone size. The recharge began immediately. I was able then to adjust the phone to face me. The swivel back let’s you adjust any direction 360*. Well designed and thought out. I would prefer having my phone on the dash for gps, answering calls or televideo’s. Recommended

  53. Renat S.

    This item is the best thing for keeping your bedroom cable free. I had a wireless charger for my phone but had to charge my watch separately. Now everything stays in one place, all my devices are charged up by the morning. No cables laying around, all the cables leading up to the charger are tucked in out of site. It is very beautiful and integrates into my bedroom perfectly. I love it. you can also charge your airpods.

  54. Ayne Dieker

    First of, it did not come with a power brick just the USB cable and the actual charger itself.

    Secondly, the fast charger works. I have a Samsung s10e and it works on either direction, vertically or horizontally.

    Thirdly, I thought the earbuds charger was a wireless one but it’s not. It’s only exclusive to apple earbuds. So that’s my bad. Same with the Apple watch charger.

    Lastly, I liked it. I would have given it 5 stars if I could wirelessly charge without removing my bulky (wallet type) case.

    Overall, it’s a great buy if you’re an apple user. For Samsung users, not so much.
    3 in 1 charging dock for apple
    3 in 1 wireless charging station

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